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October 25 2015


Hide the Fact That You�re Using WordPress with Hide My WP plugin

Hide My WP
You can find quite a few blog posts, plugins and hacks suggesting to hide the WordPress version number, or hide the overall fact that you�re using WordPress. Don�t get it done - it�s pretty useless.You will find hundreds if not thousands of ways to not only find out the fact that you�re using WordPress, but additionally find out the exact version number, no matter any plugins or hacks changing or hiding the �generator� meta tag, the readme file and so forth. A great post by my buddy Gennady illustrates that.Many of these �hide my WP� solutions tend to market themselves from your security standpoint, especially with the recent botnet attack on WordPress sites. The truth is that these attacks don�t mind which version of WordPress you�re running. Actually, they don�t even care whether you�re running WordPress at all! How? Well that�s easy, they simply take your domain and blindly fire POST requests to a file called wp-login.php, even though you�re running a non-CMS pure HTML website.The identical applies to known theme and plugin vulnerabilities. Go on and check your web server�s access logs, there�s a great chance you�ll find requests to timthumb.php even though none of your themes or plugins make use of the TimThumb library.So from your security perspective, the key sauce is to use a strong password, as well as keep the themes, plugins and especially WordPress core up to date. Plugins such as Google Authenticator and Limit Login Attempts can provide you with that little extra protection.Sometimes people try hide the fact they�re running WordPress because they�re afraid other humans will spot might think they�re �unprofessional� or cheap. Well WordPress is regarded as the professional content management system proven to human kind, trusted by some of the largest companies worldwide and although free and free, certainly not cheap.When you purchase yourself a new Ferrari, would you remove the Ferrari logos before showing it in your friends? No. Although should you did, it would be obvious.To wrap that up - don�t hide the fact you�re using WordPress. Utilize a strong password, ensure that it stays updated and drive it with pride. Should you bought a premium �hide my WordPress� plugin, you need to ask for a refund and purchase something useful instead.Hide My WP is definitely an awesome WordPress plugin that disguises the fact that your website is run on WordPress. This plugin controls access to your PHP files helping protect your website from malicious attacks.WordPress is an extremely popular website platform, and thus that means there are plenty of hackers attempting to break into WordPress sites each day. You need to protect your and yourself website. Hide My WP is a great addition to your security protocol, and also since it�s so easy to install and setup there�s no reason not to add it to your WordPress site.Hide My WP operates by hiding important PHP files (wp-login &wp-admin), minifying your CSS stylesheet, changing you plugin directory, changing the upload URL, changing query URLs, changing author permalinks, change/disable feeds, disable WordPress archives and taxonomies, and by hiding all other WordPress files (readme, license, etc).Another great feature of Hide My WP is the plugin will actually notify you if someone is poking around your files. You�ll have the ability to see the IP address, agent, referrer and username of who it was so you can instantly find out if it was just you (or perhaps your web developer), or if it absolutely was someone else. The plugin also has a custom 404 page, choices to replace words in your HTML output file, body class cleanup and more. This is an all around great plugin that you need to consider for you website since you can really never be too safe together with your WordPress site.

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